Taiwán - March 2019 (English)

In a scenario where communications are available to all and technology has helped to shorten distances, both for trade, political leadership and trends, Geopolitics has regained its strength and is perceived to be valid in all countries.

Por Instituto Publicado el 20/03/2019 12:17

By the same logic, any instability in any part of the globe, however remote, has a degree of political, economic, commercial and / or environmental consequences in most other parts of the globe.

Instability anywhere in the world affects in some way global stability. In our world today, democracy, freedom and respect for human rights are universal values that the very evolution of history has confirmed that without them, no one can reach the state of General Wellbeing that all societies seek and is the very reason for their political organization.

Precisely, we must recognize that the basis of authentic Wellbeing is freedom, decent work, equal opportunities and a democracy and republicanism that guarantees the orderly participation of all. Economic prosperity alone and the power of force do not imply the happiness to which we all aspire.


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